As a kid I built things. Not Lego or tent forts, but crude go-karts out of wood, bicycles out of parts from the dump, fishing rafts out of old telephone poles; things that only a kid who grew up on a small family farm could do. As I got older I rebuilt motors, cars, and motorcycles. It wasn’t until my father purchased an Intel 8088 based personal computer for record keeping that I found my true calling.


It was the starting point of my career in all things technical.


My passion today is still focused on building things, whether it is an international payment systems or an embedded platforms enabling legacy technology to be useful again.


My Specialities: Automating business processes, startups, innovation, system design, leadership, and big ideas.


April 2014 - Present

Co-Founder, CTO

Equity.IO is a crowdfunding website initially focused on the real estate industry, It allows accredited and non-accredited investors to participate in premium investment deals they normally wouldn’t have access to. Developers are able to access capital more efficiently, allowing them to focus on what they love – developing great real estate.


My role is to facilitate all technical aspects of Equity.IO as well as work with legal and regulatory bodies to ensure the platform is compliant.

January 2014 - May 2014 (5 months)

Co-Founder, CEO
CoinIn Inc. is a web application enabling consumers to purchase small amounts of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin online using familiar payment options. At launch it targeted average Canadian consumers with future expansion plans to offer merchants the ability to collect payment via cryptocurrencies directly from their website’s and mobile applications.


As Co-Founder and CEO of a startup, my role encompasses all aspects of the business including, business plan creation, negotiating with banking partners, high-level system design, and working with legal to ensure compliance with securities and AML regulations.


January 2010 - January 2014 (4 years 1 month)

Co-Founder, CTO
Vogogo Inc.

Redfall Technologies Inc. pivoted from operating just a payment gateway into a customer facing payment and invoicing solution called Vogogo. It used some of the infrastructure created in Redfall’s prior business but all customer facing aspects were designed and created from scratch.


My role included business concept development, system design, implementation, maintenance, team recruitment, and management of Vogogo and


January 2008 - January 2014 (6 years 1 month)

Co-Founder, CTO
Redfall Technologies Inc.

Co-Founder of Redfall Technologies Inc, an international high-risk payment start-up that grew to process millions of dollars of international payments daily.


My role as Co-Founder and CTO included business concept development, system design, implementation, maintenance, team recruitment, and management. Due to the flat nature of Redfall’s organizational structure, the short feedback loop between business requirements and implementation, as well as it’s ability to quickly automate business processes, Redfall was able to grow without requiring excess staff.

September 2008 – February 2010 (1 year 6 months)

Independent Consultant

Ionxphere operated a customer facing web application focused on the Japanese market. They had run into resource issues and were unsure of how to proceed with the platform.


My role was to audit and establish proper development processes for the application, as well as oversee maintenance and operation to ensure the platform was functioning properly.

December 2006 – August 2007 (9 months)

Co-Founder, CTO
World Vertical

Co-Founded an international money transfer start-up with specialization in foreign exchange and remittance.


Worked with a team of developers and several international financial experts, to build a product enabling real-time money transfers between regional banking networks where only traditional money transfers, such as wire-transfers, existed.

March 2005 – December 2006 (1 year 10 months)

Lead Technical Architect

Neteller is a worldwide leader in the industry of high-risk payments. Due to explosive growth their existing systems were unable to keep up with the increased load associated with the transmission of millions of dollars everyday. The problem was further compounded by several thousand new customers signing up for service daily.


My initial role was to migrate their legacy member and merchant applications to a more sustainable Java platform. Subsequently, I was promoted to Lead Architect and assumed responsibility for the entire .com portfolio. This included planning the future technical direction of the .com product (, establishing business value of technical changes as well as performance and stability.


Directly lead teams as large as 16 developers at times through the organization’s explosive growth.

2000 – March 2005 (5 years)

Software Developer

Started with an IT consulting company known as Montage located in Calgary. My role was to provide technical solutions to many of Montage’s customers through requirements gathering, designing, and implementing tools used to automate business processes. Montage was later acquired by AT&T Canada before becoming Allstream. With the acquisition my role expanded to pre-sales engagements, development team lead, as well as mentoring others in the Calgary office.

November 2004 – February 2005 (4 months)

Senior Technical Architect

Allstream provided a call center analysis service to many of their clients. This service consisted of gathering and reporting call information manually. Based on input from others and myself we decided we could create an automated gathering and reporting tool that could be run as software as a service model.


The resulting system was comprised of both a .NET desktop client application used to gather call information and submit it via a Web Service back to a J2EE application for storage and reporting. The administration and reporting interface is web based.


Scalability was predicted to become an issue so the system was designed in a modular fashion that will allow it to grow horizontally across multiple servers.


The system was successfully deployed to production.

July 2004 – November 2004 (5 months)

Senior Application Architect

Allstream was in the process of exposing many of their legacy backend systems to external parties and other departments.


My role as a technical expert was to provide recommendations to help improve their current system and development processes.

July 2004 – August 2004 (2 months)

Senior Application Analyst

The NetThruPut gas trading application was first deployed into production in 1999 and has been plagued with mysterious connection timeouts between the thick client application and the Java application server. The problem appeared to occur at random and was not reproducible.


My role was to conduct an application assessment to try and provide some insight into what could be causing the problem and to give the client a better idea of the overall health of the application.

April 2003 – July 2004 (1 year 4 months)

Project Lead

In order to keep a highly dynamic and distributed pool of skilled developers and project managers working at full potential, Allstream IT Services began looking at collaborative development environments (CDE).


My part-time role was to work with a team to create a set of standards that governed managed services and common component usage of the new CDE. These standards served as usage guide to the rest of the organization.


The Calgary branch piloted SourceForge Entreprise Edition on all new and existing managed services projects. Ultimately the software licensing costs were too prohibitive to continue and a replacement system was needed.


An open source solution comprised of Gforge, Subversion and Knowledgetree was chosen and implemented in Calgary. All legacy projects were once again (partially) migrated.

January 2004 – June 2004 (6 months)

Senior Technical Architect

Allstream ITS was looking to increase the accuracy and reduce the time it took to gather forecasted revenue.
My role was to lead a team of developers to create a web based system that allowed business development managers to enter in forecasted sales data as well as report on their current opportunities. The captured data was then available to regional sales VP’s as well as the president and CFO for planning purposes.
This system was deployed and used across the country.

September 2003 – October 2003 (2 months)

Software Architect
Collins Barrow

Collins Barrow Securities identified the business need to capture and report information associated with web-users downloading divestiture documents from their website. Forcing the users to fill out a lengthy form was unacceptable.
Together with a team we designed and proposed a solution that allowed Collins Barrow to track users, domains and the documents that were downloaded with minimal impact to the rest of their site.

June 2003 – July 2003 (2 months)

Technical Architect
Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater Financial was looking for a way to streamline the very manual process of approving mortgage applications. At the same time they didn’t want to embark down the road or purchasing very expensive per transaction shrink wrapped solutions.
My role was to analyze their current manual process and design a low cost custom developed workflow web application. In the course of a few weeks we had developed a prototype and presented the solution to the approval board.

April 2003 – May 2003 (2 months)

Senior Solutions Consultant

TransCanada required senior solutions consultants to solve some quality, time, and cost overrun issues with their project cost control management project.
My role was to work with a small team to fully analyze the current code base and provide recommendations on how to proceed with the project, as well as mentor some of their junior developers working on the project on proper software development techniques.

March 2003 – March 2003 (1 month)

Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater is a mortgage banking company specializing in providing mortgages to home-owners and purchasers. They have grown to administer over 1 billion dollars in mortgages quickly and where looking for a web presence.
My role was to assist in the design and deployment of a brochure style website as well as gain further understanding of their core business.

January 2003 – February 2003 (2 months)

Java Developer
Calgary Parking Authority

As a feature enhancement to Calgary Parking Authorities impound lot tracking system, iLot, my role as a Java developer was to design and implement a prototype scanning module, that would allow users of the iLot application to scan drivers licenses locally from their pc and submit the scanned image along with other information to a web server for processing and archival.

July 2002 – December 2002 (6 months)

Architect/Senior Developer
AeroMechanical Services Ltd.

The client needed a highly configurable and extensible system that is capable of decoding Flight Data Recorder messages sent via satellite to a ground station in real-time. The data retrieved was stored in a conventional database for trend analysis, maintenance tracking and further data mining.
The final product was one of the most technically advanced systems of its kind. It pushes both the limits of Java and database technology with the massive amounts of data that must be processed and stored.

July 2002 – August 2002 (2 months)

Java Developer
Calgary Parking Authority

The Calgary Parking Authority was in the process of implementing a new impound lot inventory system to track impounded vehicles, as well as improve the process of releasing vehicles once levied fines were paid at the time of pick up.
My role as a Java developer was to design and implement a generic database table updater that would allow administrators to edit tables based on certain criteria, without having to design new screens for every table that needed to be updated.

September 2001 – June 2002 (10 months)

Java Developer

TransCanada, recently acquiring Nova Gas Transmission, was undertaking a company wide initiative to completely redesign and unify their Gas Accounting and Contracting systems, known as the Dovetail project. My role was a Java developer, on the location module, working with several other Java developers, project managers, and domain experts. The module was part of a larger development effort which, at it’s height, had over 140 people including approximately 70 developers.
The end result was an extensible, highly scalable system in which both internal and external web users shared common business rules and data.

June 2001 – July 2001 (1 month)

Quortech Solutions

With a growing install base of eMillennium terminals, Quortech found that they needed a direct support line back to the developers to aid with issues that arose while installing the terminals.

My role was to lead the support team while training Quortech employees on the system so they could eventually take the project over.

September 2000 – June 2001 (10 months)

Senior Developer/Designer
Quortech Solutions

Quortech was the payphone manufacturing division of Nortel before they were spun off as their own company. Quortech soon realized, with the growing adoption of cellular phones, the market for payphones would begin to shrink. In order to reinvent their business they came up with the idea of an inexpensive upgrade kit that would give the 2 million installed Millennium payphones Internet capability.
As a senior developer/designer on the project I was responsible for designing and implementing a very fast, highly scalable solution that was built using Open-Source software, Mozilla, Java, C/C++ and several scripting languages to provide a pay-per-use web browser via a 640×480 screen embedded into a pay phone.

November 1999 – September 2000 (11 months)

Programmer Analyst
Credit Union Central Alberta

Worked as a programmer analyst in Credit Union Central Alberta’s electronic banking department. Designed, developed, and maintained secure online financial solutions, including an x86 based interactive voice response system and a 100% Java based Internet banking application.
All solutions were developed with reuse and extensibility as a focal point as Credit Union Central is a service bureau for all registered Credit Unions in Alberta.

August 1999 – October 1999 (3 months)

Independent Consultant
August 1999 – October 1999 (3 months)

Supported SGI hardware and software, both in house and at client sites.

January 1999 – June 1999 (6 months)

Independent Consultant

Supported SGI hardware and software in house and at client sites. Designed, developed and maintained a Netscape server side JavaScript billing application.

1998 – 1998 (less than a year)


Staged SGI hardware and software for use in sales demonstrations and trade shows. Developed a web based inventory, request and tracking system used by sales agents to configure and book demo systems.

Volunteer Experience

April 2015 – June 2015 (3 months)

U6 Soccer Coach
Northern Hills Community Association

Volunteer soccer coach for U6 mixed soccer in the NHCA soccer league for the spring 2015 session. Thoroughly enjoyed coaching ten U6 boys and girls the fundamentals of soccer two evenings a week.