Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Marketing, World Wide Web | 0 comments

I finally got around to moving from Posterous to a self hosted WordPress instance. The future of Posterous is unclear, since they were aquried by Twitter, but that really didn’t influence my decision to move. My main reason for moving are the limitations of Posterous such as the disallowing of embedded Javascript and not having the ability to do sitemaps. Initially this wasn’t a big deal, I just wanted something quick to set up. At the time I looked at Tumblr, Blogger and and landed on Posterous. Matt Warren had set up the WordPress instance we use at Vogogo and, after playing with it for a while, I was sold. The community support and the amount of plugins available set it ahead of pretty much everything else, assuming you want to host it yourself.

This left me wondering how to move a year+ worth of blog posts from Posterous to WordPress. A quick search found a WordPress plugin called Posterous Importer. It worked reasonably well but it did leave some content behind, almost arbitrarily, on Posterous’ S3 instance. I should probably download and re-upload that content at some point before shutting down my old Posterous site. I’m sure I will get to it at some point :).